CBP Quilvest Singapore rebrands as Providentia Wealth

Following the successful completion of a management buy-out of its major shareholder, CBP Quilvest Singapore has rebranded its trust and wealth advisory businesses to Providentia Wealth Management Ltd and Providentia Wealth Advisory Ltd respectively.  The rebranded Providentia Wealth is fully owned by the local management team and staff.  

Providentia Wealth continues to offer bespoke wealth planning and investment solutions out of its Singapore office for its global clients, multi-generational families, expatriates, and entrepreneurs across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Luke Peng, founder and CEO of Providentia Wealth said, “The Providentia Wealth brand is established upon the foundation of wealth creation, preservation and management across multiple generations.  The Latin word, ‘Providentia’, means foresight, skill and care in the management of resources; essential attributes for any robust wealth planning solution.  With the conclusion of the buy-out, Providentia Wealth is well-positioned to deliver wealth management solutions and investment services with the unique advantages of the Singapore brand; stability, excellence and trust.”

Providentia Wealth

Providentia Wealth operates two subsidiaries, Providentia Wealth Management Ltd and Providentia Wealth Advisory Ltd, holding a Trust Business licence and Capital Market Services licence for fund management issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore respectively.

Our new website at www.providentiawealth.com will be available soon.