About Us

At CBP Quilvest Singapore, we specialize in delivering wealth planning and investment solutions for global clients and their families, and remain dedicated to supporting our clients’ journey of wealth creation, preservation and succession for generations to come.

Through our two arms, CBP Quilvest Trust and CBP Quilvest Wealth Advisory, CBP Quilvest Singapore applies a unique blend of trust structuring and investment advisory capabilities to tailor bespoke solutions for our clients.

CBP Quilvest Singapore operates on the core principle that alignment of interests with our clients is imperative in achieving our commitment to protect, manage and generate returns on the assets with which we are entrusted.

Open Architecture
At CBP Quilvest Singapore, we believe that every client’s needs are unique and context dependent. Working closely with our clients, we venture beyond a general solution model by identifying and marrying the best available expertise and solutions, towards finding an optimum investment and management solution for our clients.

CBP Quilvest Singapore as an independent financial institution does not belong to a universal or corporate banking group, positioning us to avoid potential conflicts of interests. While our head office is based in Luxembourg, CBP Quilvest Singapore has the autonomy required to take responsive, appropriate and accountable decisions.

This approach maintains our integrity towards our clients, allowing us to esteem and ensure our client’s best interest in our advice and financial solutions.

Moving away from a traditional benchmark approach, CBP Quilvest Singapore concentrates on absolute performance. Our clients are provided with detailed account summaries that offer a clear vision of their assets under management; including their valuation, performance, associated risks and costs.

Dedicated Personal Adviser
Ease of communication and a peace of mind of our clients remain amongst our top priorities. Throughout every relationship, a personal advisor is dedicated as the single contact point for all our client’s matters with CBP Quilvest Singapore.

The personal advisor examines the various financial objectives, whilst considering the dynamics of the client’s circumstances. Liaising with the relevant experts and external service providers, the personal advisor takes into account the client’s expectations and inform them of the latest financial innovations and regulatory changes (both legal and tax) that could influence the management of their financial assets or wealth in general.

CBP Quilvest Singapore rebrands as Providentia Wealth

Following the successful completion of a management buy-out of its major shareholder, CBP Quilvest Singapore has rebranded its trust and wealth advisory businesses to Providentia Wealth Management Ltd and Providentia Wealth Advisory Ltd respectively.  The rebranded Providentia Wealth is fully owned by the local management team and staff.  

Providentia Wealth continues to offer bespoke wealth planning and investment solutions out of its Singapore office for its global clients, multi-generational families, expatriates, and entrepreneurs across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Luke Peng, founder and CEO of Providentia Wealth said, “The Providentia Wealth brand is established upon the foundation of wealth creation, preservation and management across multiple generations.  The Latin word, ‘Providentia’, means foresight, skill and care in the management of resources; essential attributes for any robust wealth planning solution.  With the conclusion of the buy-out, Providentia Wealth is well-positioned to deliver wealth management solutions and investment services with the unique advantages of the Singapore brand; stability, excellence and trust.”

Providentia Wealth

Providentia Wealth operates two subsidiaries, Providentia Wealth Management Ltd and Providentia Wealth Advisory Ltd, holding a Trust Business licence and Capital Market Services licence for fund management issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore respectively.

Our new website at www.providentiawealth.com will be available soon.