CBP Quilvest Wealth Advisory

CBP Quilvest Wealth Advisory is a financial adviser and fund manager based in Singapore. Primarily asset allocators, CBP Quilvest Wealth Advisory focuses on advice, and are driven by performance.

We view our client relationship as a long term partnership. Marrying our wide knowledge of investments with constant service and monitoring, our team remains aligned to the client objectives and devoted to delivering investment performance.

We adopt an open architecture that partners with a panel of custodian banks and financial institutions to provide our clients with a wide range of investment products and recommendations, ensuring that we are always aligned to our client’s portfolio profile.

Our Team comprises experienced investment professionals with wealth management, capital markets and investment banking background.

CBP Quilvest Wealth Advisory has the status of a Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) and is subject to MAS registration, which includes serving not more than 30 qualified investors and managing assets the aggregate of which does not exceed S$250 million. It is exempt from the requirement to hold a capital markets services licence for fund management activity under the Securities and Futures Act (Singapore Cap. 289). It is exempt from licensing and business conduct requirements for financial advisory activity under the Financial Advisers Act (Singapore Cap. 110) and the relevant regulations.

The list of services we provide are as follows: